Second album from restarted Bal Paré is here – listen to snippets
Jun 2014 16

Bal Paré was a classic minimal wave band from the 80:s that released 2 classic albums: “Hamburg Paris Catania” and “Metamorphose”. They were covered in Release as far back as in the late 80:s.

A lot of people also discovered them in 1994 when a collection was released on the Norwegian label Tatra. In 2009 we suddenly got a new release from Matthias Schuster, who is now sole member of the project. “Sommerwind” was a limited 10″ in 500 copies, but in 2013 a whole album, “Ein Tag am Meer” was released.

Now we already get another album, “Taxi zum Mond” (“Taxi to the Moon”), which is out on the label NLW, just like the latest releases. Snippets from the album in the video below. As always we get a lot of tracks, the album has 17 tracks in total.