Aug 2023 06

Immediately after this year’s Amphi festival, the organizers made an announcement about next year’s festival. [more...]

Aug 2023 10

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Aug 2023 13

Fever Ray has just released a video clip for the song ”North”. Watch it below. [more...]

Aug 2023 16

The M’era Luna festival in Hildesheim, Germany, has revealed the first 19 live acts for 2024. [more...]

Kite take two new steps
Aug 2023 20

Swedish duo Kite takes two new important steps in their career. [more...]

Aug 2023 25

The upcoming seventh chapter in the ongoing cyberpunk saga by hits the rainy neon streets on August 30 and below, you can listen to an album teaser.


Aug 2023 25

These are some of the artists releasing new music this week: [more...]

Aug 2023 27

Without any warning whatsoever, legendary Swedish synthpop band Page announced that they have a new album coming out very soon.