New album from Montreal synthpop artist Marie Davidson
Sep 2018 02

On October 5, Marie Davidson will release her new album “Working Class Woman” through Ninja Tune and Make It Rain Records. [more...]

Sep 2018 03

For fans of classic atmospheric British electronica, Lodz in Poland is the place to be on October 25-28. The Orb and Orbital will appear on the same bill on the same night, as part of the festival Soundedit. [more...]

Standing out in the dark crowd – Release sat down with Florian Grey
Sep 2018 05

The sheer number of acts arising on the German goth rock scene is almost unrivaled and the scene is fraught with competition between a never-ending stream of new bands entering the scene. To stand out is quite a challenge. One of these bands that recently have started to catch some attention in Germany is far from being a newcomer and have been on the scene in different constellations since 2006, and they also have a special connection to Finland.

Release Magazine sat down with singer Florian and drummer Yannick of Florian Grey at the Finnish church café in Hamburg and had a chat about their latest album “Ritus”, the German goth rock scene and why Finland is such a great country. [more...]

Sep 2018 05

Italo and space synth legends Cyber People last released new material in 1988, but now we suddenly get a new single. [more...]

Sep 2018 06

This week sees the release of “Sirius Interstellar”, the latest album from Italian electropoppers Syrian.


Watch the new eerie sci-fi video for Ladytron’s “The Island”
Sep 2018 07

Watch the new eerie sci-fi video for Ladytron’s synthpop single “The Island” below.

New Dead Can Dance album and tour
Sep 2018 07

Dead Can Dance have announced the release of a new album entitled “Dionysus” scheduled for release on November 2nd. [more...]

Die Krupps – Klubben – Stockholm – August 25 2018 – gallery
Sep 2018 07

Jonas Carlson from Release brought his camera to the August 25 gig with Die Krupps in Stockholm. Browse the pics below. [more...]

Front Line Assembly – Klubben – Stockholm – August 25 2018 – gallery
Sep 2018 07

Browse our gallery from Front Line Assembly’s gig in Stockholm below. [more...]

More info regarding the upcoming VNV Nation album
Sep 2018 10

In preparation for the fall release, VNV Nation just released some tidbits of info regarding their new album.


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