Leæther Strip continues to show æppreciation
May 2020 01

Claus Larsen and his long lasting Leæther Strip have a documented history of recording covers. Now the time come for a new, fourth, installment in his “Æppreciation” series. [more...]

Lights of Euphoria back with new album
May 2020 06

Two short snippets from the forthcoming Lights of Euphoria album have been posted on YouTube (watch below). [more...]

Kraftwerk co-founder Florian Schneider dead at 73
May 2020 06

Kraftwerk co-founder and former member Florian Schneider has passed away at age 73, Billboard, ORF and others confirm. ORF writes that he died of cancer and The Guardian that it happened one week ago. Media outlets refer to Sony Music in Berlin. [more...]

May 2020 10

“Claw and Scrape” is the name of the second teaser track from the forthcoming album “Head Buried” from British EBM duo Portion Control. Listen below. [more...]

Synthpop veterans Mobile Homes unleashes “The Mirror”
May 2020 13

The new album from Swedish synthpop veterans The Mobile Homes, with Andreas Brun back in the songwriter position, draws nearer. [more...]

May 2020 16

We have updated our Spotify playlist. You’ll find new tracks from: The Mobile Homes, Ministry, Empathy Test, Emmon, Leæther Strip, Rabia Sorda, Mind.in.a.box / Thyx, Foreign Restort and Hante.

May 2020 16

Don’t miss our latest reviews of releases from Cultivated Bimbo, The Guilt, Black Nail Cabaret, Thundercat and Mind.in.a.box.

May 2020 19

After a long struggle, FKP Scorpio has put together a new tour schedule (see below) for Rammstein which was released today. [more...]

Second album from catchy electropop duo Subject:2 imminent
May 2020 21

German based label Electro-Shock Records will release the second album by UK duo Subject:2 this summer. [more...]

New single from Twice a Man today, album on June 12
May 2020 22

The classic Swedish band Twice A Man released a new single today, “Modern World”. [more...]

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