Jan 2015 01

Indochine will perform in Sweden for the first time in decades. On Monday, April 13, they will play at Nalen in Stockholm.

Jan 2015 02

The second Release Best of 2014 list comes from our London and electronica writer Mike Whyte. [more...]

Talking to Iris
Jan 2015 02

Iris has been one of the best synthpop bands to come out of the US, and they’ve stayed on top for 15 years. After a 4 year hiatus following the last album ”Blacklight” they’re now back together and have recently released ”Radiant”, a worthy follow-up. We got in contact with Reagan Jones and Andrew Sega. [more...]

Jan 2015 02

The latest development regarding German EBM band Funker Vogt and their new controversial vocalist Sacha Korn: the band and Sacha go their seperate ways.  [more...]

Jan 2015 09

On May 15-16, it’s Christmas all over again for italo disco fans. Ken Laszlo, Koto, Fancy, Vince “Scotch” Lancini and Stefano Brignoli/Brand Image are just some of the artists that will play at Sthlm Italo Disco Party, Nalen in Stockholm.

Seabound and Architect head for North America
Jan 2015 12

German electro duo Seabound has announced they will cross the Atlantic Ocean for a new North American tour, with Daniel Myer’s percussive IDM project Architect as special guests. Both projects play state of the art dark electronic music. [more...]

Synth category nominations for the Manifest Awards revealed
Jan 2015 13

The synth category nominations for the independent Swedish Manifest Awards have been revealed: Emmon, Wulfband, Cryo and Daily Planet (pic). [more...]

Jan 2015 13

Swedish EBM band Sturm Café has announced their new album “Europa”. [more...]

Premiere for new The Prodigy single “Nasty” – watch the video
Jan 2015 13

Watch the brand new video clip for the new The Prodigy single “Nasty” below. The basic and rather old school-sounding song is taken from the 6th studio album “The Day Is My Enemy”, scheduled for a March 30 release via their own label Take Me to the Hospital. [more...]

Jan 2015 14

The gothic, industrial and darkwave festival Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig has not yet released this year’s festical tickets but a company called Global Tickets are offering fake festival tickets for €149. [more...]

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