Seabound and Architect head for North America
Jan 2015 12

German electro duo Seabound has announced they will cross the Atlantic Ocean for a new North American tour, with Daniel Myer’s percussive IDM project Architect as special guests. Both projects play state of the art dark electronic music.

The always busy Herr Myer just toured North America with his main band Haujobb, as part of the successful “Eye vs Spy” industrial music tour with Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly and Youth Code and a new Haujobb album is imminent.

Seabound’s “Speak in Storms Tour” will cover the East Coast and Midwest first in March and April, with a second leg covering the remaining parts at a later date. Seabound’s Martin Vorbrodt lives on the West Coast and works as a lawyer in Los Angeles.

- The “Speak in Storms Tour” in Europe was our most elaborate tour yet and we got some amazing fan support. We look forward to performing the new songs for the North American audience, Seabound says.

Seabound’s last concert in the US was with synthpop stars De/Vision in 2009. The tour schedule is not known at this time.

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