Jan 2016 02

This year’s Wave Gotik Treffen will take place in Leipzig on May 13-16. The first two waves of live acts has been released. [more...]

EBM newcomer Rein: new video and debut EP
Jan 2016 04

Young EBM newcomers are rare, female ones even rarer. Today, Rein from Stockholm released her “Can’t Handle Me” video, directed by Daniel Bäckström. Watch it below. [more...]

Jan 2016 04

Mike Whyte has posted his Best of 2015 list and a Spotify playlist.

Dark Munich Festival cancelled
Jan 2016 08

The 32 act strong EBM, electropop, industrial and goth event Dark Munich Festival (DMF) is officially cancelled. [more...]

electriXmas – Malmö – December 12, 2015 – report with gallery
Jan 2016 08

On December 12, 2015 the annual one-day synthpop and EBM festival electriXmas was held for the 13th time since the start in 2002 (there was no festival in 2013). And One, Dive, Saft, Frontal and Guilt Trip played at Inkonst in Malmö, Sweden, which wasn’t sold out. Here’s our report and don’t miss the extensive photo gallery at the end. [more...]

Swedish synthpop band Vision Talk returns
Jan 2016 12

Swedish synthpop band Vision Talk has returned after their split up in 2013. A new song has been recorded (listen below) and more material is on its way. [more...]

Jan 2016 13

Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik has published his 2015 list with his favourite albums, songs, live artists, newcomers and artists. There’s a Spotify playlist too. Click here to see Fredrik’s list.

Jan 2016 13

Read Martin L Gore’s Facebook post about David Bowie’s death below. [more...]

Haul – a new signing to Progress Productions
Jan 2016 14

A new Swedish duo has been signed to Progress Productions. It’s Haul, consisting of Pehr Heurberg and Tobias Wittgren from Jönköping who after self-releasing a 7″ decided to sign to a label for their debut album.


Swedish goth rockers Beseech return after a decade
Jan 2016 15

Swedish goth rockers Beseech (featured in Release several times in the past), have returned with a new line-up and a new album after a decade. [more...]

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