Mike Whyte


Grimes: “Art Angels”
An album that wasn’t exactly flawless, but provided as unique a style of pop as you are ever likely to hear.

Battles: “La Di Da Di”
Battles are a band that are incredibly inventive and with this all-instrumental album, showed an even more experimental side.

Sleaford Mods: “Key Markets”
The return of punk came in the form of 2 guys, a drum machine and a lot of shouting – vital.

Hudson Mohawke: “Lanterns”
An album that you simply couldn’t ignore this year, and in the summer heat made perfect sense.

Jon Hopkins: “Asleep Versions”
Reviewed in the first month of 2015 and given a 10 – I’m still listening to it now and love it even more.

Karsten Pflum “Dode”
In my review, I wrote it would easily end up amongst the best albums of the year and here it is. Still an impressive body of work.

Klangstabil: “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward”
Compilation of the year, without a doubt. Amazing work.

Squarepusher: “Damogen Furies”
Probably his best, and strange to say, most accessible albums in a long time.

The Orb: “Moonbuilding 2703 AD”
Another classic album in a great year for electronic music – more focused than they have been in years.


Jamie XX: “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)”
People seemed to love Jamie XX at Sonar, this track was maybe a reason why.

FKA Twigs: “In Time”
Another mesmerising song from this talented performer.

Grimes: “Kill V. Maim”
As far away from a pop song as you can imagine, on an album which could well send her mainstream.

Rex the Dog: “Sicko”
The kind of track I love: Insane and incredibly infectious.

Anohni feat. Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke: “4 Degrees”
Can only be described as special – a mega-collaboration.

Hudson Mohawke: “Ryderz”
A fantastic track, and one I heard time and again this year – never bored of it once.


Live Artists

The Chemical Brothers
Simply amazing at Sonar – and not to dismiss the other acts there this year – but this was the best one.

FKA Twigs
Captivating, mysterious, enchanting… A few of the adjectives I could use to describe her performances – quite simply you can’t take your eyes off her once she’s on stage.

DJ Pierre
You will know why I have chosen him here if you saw how he whipped the crowd into a frenzy at this year’s Bloc festival.




Aphex Twin
Mainly for literally dumping several albums worth of outtakes onto a Soundcloud account for people to enjoy. The electronic Santa Claus!

The Orb
For coming back stunningly into form and making everybody realise just how good they could still be.

For doing things her way. And doing them so well.