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• Haujobb: “We Must Wait” (single song)
• Keluar: “Vitreum” (EP)
• Iris: “Don’t Cry” (song)
• Surveillance: “Oceania” (album)
• Client: “Authority” (album)
• Plaid: “Hawkmoth” (song)
• Kent: “La Belle Epoque” (song)

• Trust: “Joyland” (album)
• Daily Planet: “Trust/Fragile” (single)
• New Division: “Stockholm” (single)
• Iamamiwhoami: “Hunting for Pearls” (song)
• Thyx: “Supervision” (album)
• Laibach: “Spectre” (album)
• Red Mecca: “Love and Hate” (single)
• Cryo: “Retropia” (album)
• Welle:Erdball: “Tanzmusik für Roboter” (album)
• Iamamiwhoami: “Fountain” (song and video)

• Seabound: “Speak in Storms” (album)
• Combichrist: “We Love You” (album)
• Feathers: “Wild Love” (EP song)
• Legend & Sólstafir: “Fjara/Runaway Train” (split 7″ single)
• Trust: “Rescue, Mister” (single song)
• Thermostatic: “Animal” (single)
• Jon Hopkins: “Immunity (Expanded Edition)” (album)
• Architect: “Mine” (album)
• Erasure: “Loving Man” (song)
• Solar Fake: “Reasons to Kill” (album)
• Rabia Sorda: “Hotel Suicide” (album)

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