We launched this WordPress site in the summer of 2012.

Our old site (1997-2012) has hundreds of interviews and live reports, 1600+ reviews, thousands of short stories etc.

  • We have linked most of the old site main pages (like the interviews and reviews main pages) and embedded them into the new site.
  • Several menu buttons have sub menues for Archives and some of these link to the old site.
  • We can’t possibly re-post all old material in the new WordPress site, but more and more will be added over time.
  • The old material will not show up if you use our search box.
  • Newer texts are archived within the new site. For instance, newer Music reviews can be accessed via the archive at the bottom of the Music reviews page and you can also use the search box.
  • Features includes several sections like Interviews (Spotlight was our old name), Playlist and Best of the Year.
  • On Record is now called Music reviews.
  • Live reports are called Live reviews and photos and are located under Reviews. Here you will find concert and festival reports and photo galleries.
  • The Slider with big pictures on the start page will highlight some (but far from all) new posts – mostly Interviews.
  • New News items, Live reviews, Photo galleries are posted in the long blog roll on the start page.
  • Music reviews are listed in the right part of the start page and do not show up in the blog roll.
  • On Stage dates, Playlist entries and some other section items are not posted on the start page – browse the menu.
  • On Stage is our Scandinavian concert, club, festival and event guide. The magazine as a whole covers the rest of the world though – this is the only exception.
  • Playlist is recommendations for new records by the Release editors.