On Stage

Scandinavian live and club guide. Updated up to several times daily.


Thursdays Synthaket. Gothenburg, Haket. Admission free.

Fridays Synth After-work. Stockholm, Sjätte Tunnan. Admission free.


2 Deathstars. Copenhagen, Lille Vega.

2 Midge Ure. Stockholm, Debaser Medis.

3 Deathstars. Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers.

3-4 Elektrostat with In Strict Confidence, Legend, Henric de la Cour, Shatoo, Autodafeh, Termodress, Jesus Fucking Christ, 1912 , Argh, Hell:Sector, Machinista. Oslo, Vulkan Arena.

3 Midge Ure. Gothenburg, Trädgår’n.

4 Deathstars. Stockholm, Strand Stora Scenen.

4 Midge Ure. Copenhagen, Viften.

4 Neonsol Release Party. Copenhagen, Musikcaféen. Org: Club Braincorp.

5 Okej har ordet – theme day about the Swedish magazine. Presentations by Hans Hatwig and Jörgen Holmstedt. Mölndal, Mölndals Stadsmuseum.

10 Klubb Fahrenheit with Daily Planet. Eskilstuna.

11 The Zone with Ashbury Heights. Gothenburg, Jazzhuset.

14 New Model Army. Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers.

16 New Model Army. Stockholm, Göta Källare.

17 New Model Army + support Shiny Darkly. Malmö, Babel.

19 Theme day: Den Svenska Synthens 80:tal with presentations by Marina Schiptjenko and Bengt Rahm. Mölndal, Mölndals Museum.

25 Thermostatic, Chaos All Stars. Jönköping, Club Sputnik.

30-31 The Knife. Stockholm, Annexet.

31 Electric Halloween – Tech Noir. Stockholm, Solidaritet Arena.


1 Bodyfest with A Split Second, Cassandra Complex, Borghesia, The Juggernauts, Ekobrottsmyndigheten, Dupont (old-school set), Wulfband. Stockholm, Nalen.

1 The Knife. Gothenburg, Gothenburg Film Studios.

8 Alison Moyet. Copenhagen, DR Koncerthuset.

8 Morrissey. Lund, Sparbank Arena.

9 Alison Moyet. Stockholm, Nalen.

9 Morrissey. Copenhagen, Falconer Salen.

11 Morrissey. Gothenburg, Lisebergshallen.

13 Morrissey. Stockholm, Hovet.

14 Safety Dance – 80:s Club with Disco Digitale release party. Gothenburg, Henriksberg.

14 Susanne Sundfør. Trondheim, Studentersamfundet.

15 Henric de la Cour, Vanligt Folk. Jönköping, Club Sputnik.

15 Susanne Sundfør. Bergen, USF Verftet.

19 Susanne Sundfør. Stavanger, Konserthus.

20 Susanne Sundfør. Oslo, Sentrum Scene.

22 Progress Productions 10 Years Anniversary Party with Kite, Henric de la Cour, Kingdom of Evol feat Freddie Wadling, Xenturion Prime, Wulfband, Angst, Vanligt Folk, Daily Planet + DJ:s and happenings. Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers (both floors).

25 Tänk På Döden with Swans. Stockholm, Slakthuset.

26 Yelle. Aarhus, Train.

27 Yelle. Copenhagen, Vega.

28 Yelle. Stockholm, Debaser Medis.

29 Ashbury Heights, Fågelle. Jönköping, Club Sputnik.

29 Yelle. Oslo, Parkteatret.



5 Klubb Död with Henric de la Cour. Stockholm, The Liffey.

6 Smör, Synthpop & Kärlek #4 with System, Moulin Noir, Tobias Bernstrup, Planet, Kaos. Stockholm, Nalen.

10 Erasure. Aarhus, Musikhuset.

11 Erasure. Copenhagen, Tap1.

13 Electrixmas with Front 242, Suicide Commando, Sista Mannen På Jorden, Rave the Reqviem + 1. Malmö, Inkonst.

14 Front 242 + support Severe Illusion. Stockholm, Debaser Medis.

20 Electronic Winter with Combichrist, William Control, Twice a Man, Thermostatic. Gothenburg, Brewhouse. Release is a media partner.


MARCH 2015

10 Simple Minds. Aarhus, Train.

11 Simple Minds. Odense, Posten.

12 Simple Minds. Copenhagen, Falconer Center.

14 Simple Minds. Örebro, Sweden, Conventum Arena.

15 Simple Minds. Stockholm, Münchenbryggeriet.

16 Simple Minds. Gothenburg, Lisebergshallen.

18 Simple Minds. Oslo, Sentrum Scene.

19 Simple Minds. Bergen, USF Rokeriet.

20 Simple Minds. Stavanger, Zetlitz Stavager Konserthus.



12-13 Nick Cave. Copenhagen, Koncertsalen.

14 Nick Cave. Stockholm, Waterfront.


Tba=to be announced. Tbc=to be confirmed.