Jan 2017 31

The Release Editor-in-chief lists his 2016 favourites and throughs in a Spotify playlist as well. [more...]

Jan 2017 11

Peter Marchione (Release) lists his 2016 favorites. And as a bonus at the end: a Spotify playlist.

Jan 2017 03

Fredrik “Schlatta” Wik (Release) lists his 2016 favorites.

Dec 2016 29

Release writer Niklas Forsberg lists his favourites from 2016. [more...]

Dec 2016 27

The second Best of 2016 list is here, this time from Johan Carlsson. Mesh, Rein, Bowie, Max Cooper and Spark! are some of his favorites.

Dec 2016 23

Release writer Mike Whyte lists his favorites from 2016. [more...]