Frank M Spinath, Seabound frontman and professor of psychology, interviewed
Apr 2014 02

Release Magazine’s Mikael Kahrle interviewed Frank M Spinath, frontman of German electronic music duo Seabound – and a professor of psychology at the Saarland University. He talks about his unique position as a professor-musician hybrid. Nowadays, his 2 personae are in fact one and he even records at his office, he confesses. Obviously, Spinath has a unique and endless source of inspiration for his lyrics. “I have a strong personal interest in people who stray from the straight and narrow paths of life”, he says.

The critically acclaimed band started almost 2 decades ago but came to a halt when second member Martin Vorbrodt started a new life in USA. He is an experienced lawyer specialized in IT and media law, intellectual property and licensing. Vorbrodt joined his firm on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles in 2007. In recent years, Frank M Spinath has released records with Edge of Dawn and Ghost & Writer. But now Seabound is back and has just delivered their first album in 7 years: “Speak in Storms” on Dependent Records (Europe) and Metropolis Records (North America).


Apr 2014 03

We have made the following updates to this site:

  • Colour change for headers and links. Links within texts are now clearly visible.
  • Beta in the logo deleted.
  • Bigger sub-headers from now on (like in the Seabound interview).
  • Live reviews section in Features. Also includes galleries.
Apr 2014 03

Release Magazine’s Twitter account has now passed the 500 mark, mostly thanks to our Twitter editor Peter Marchione (but Johan Carlsson and Mikael Kahrle are also posting tweets). Many posts are Twitter exclusive (will not show up in News etc). Follow us, if you don’t already.

Watch the brand new Combichrist video “Maggots at the Party”
Apr 2014 03

The Combichrist video “Maggots at the Party” was released today. Watch it below. [more...]

Apr 2014 04

The legendary Frankfurt EBM label Zoth Ommog is not back – but on April 17 a Zoth Ommog Festival will be held at Das Bett in Frankfurt. Leaether Strip, Decoded Feedback and Brigade Werther will perform live.

Eisbrecher announce 2015 tour 1 year in advance
Apr 2014 04

Neue Deutsche Härte stars Eisbrecher entered the studio a while back and are working on a new album, the follow-up to the the German top-3 album “Die Hölle muss warten” from 2012. The new album will be the basis of a new high budget tour of big venues in February and March 2015. Obviously they will have plenty of time to prepare…  [more...]

Vince Clarke heads to Kickstarter to make video game
Apr 2014 07

Legendary Erasure knob twiddler Vince Clarke is branching out a lot these days, with collaborations and remixes happening all the time. Now he’s heading towards video games, in a new kickstarter project called “Dancers of War”. [more...]

Electro and industrial festival Kinetik cancelled
Apr 2014 07

Canada’s main festival for electro, industrial, EBM and noise music Kinetik in Toronto (on May 22-25) has been cancelled. Refunds have started and alternate shows for some of the touring artists might happen – that is being worked on as we speak. [more...]

Erasure’s Andy Bell releases single with Dave Audé
Apr 2014 08

Continuing our Erasure related news, there’s a new single out with Andy Bell and producer and DJ Dave Audé.  [more...]

Premiere for new Trust video “Capitol”
Apr 2014 10

Watch the new video “Capitol” from Canadian electropop project Trust below.


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