Apr 2023 04

The renowned electronic music pioneer, composer and producer Ryuichi Sakamoto has died aged 71. [more...]

New hard electronic music project from Lucifer’s Aid man – updated
Apr 2023 06

Carl Nilsson is the man behind the heavy industrial project Lucifer’s Aid, and he also used to be in The Operating Tracks (who recently informed us that they sadly have called it quits!). Now he’s involved with yet another project. [more...]

There’s a new dark ambient label in town
Apr 2023 14

Henrik Karlsson from Swedish electronic industrial band Seven Trees and Dan Barrett just announced that they’re starting up a new record label.


Apr 2023 23

IAMX is gearing up to release two albums this year, as well as going on tour. Now we can listen to the first single from the upcoming album “Fault Lines”, and you can also watch the video below.


Apr 2023 30

Dependent Records will release a new Girls Under Glass album “Backdraft” in one month, on June 2. This old Hamburg band – they started in 1986 – stand out on the German gothic rock and darkwave scene with catchy songs and a broad music palette. [more...]