Apr 2023 30

Dependent Records will release a new Girls Under Glass album “Backdraft” in one month, on June 2. This old Hamburg band – they started in 1986 – stand out on the German gothic rock and darkwave scene with catchy songs and a broad music palette.

Their mix of goth rock and darkwave can include everything from industrial to trip hop, from techno to post-punk – and the new album is no different.

They also vary the vocals – former Girls Under Glass vocalist Thomas Lücke can be heard on the EP that is released alongside “Backdraft”. He has also joined the band on stage, where he and Volker Zacharias shares vocal duties. Even Norways’s Mortiis grabs the microphone one album track: “Tainted”.

“Backdraft” will also be released as a copper orange vinyl LP and as a 72-page artbook with a bonus CD. You can pre-order here.

Here’s a new live video clip and the official video for the new song “We Feel Alright”: