Check out the new video from Combichrist
Aug 2022 02

If you like your industrial heavy and laden with guitars à la Ministry, you need to check out the new single by Combichrist.


Aug 2022 04

Italy has produced a lot of high quality electronic pop through the years. One of the best current Italian bands is Syrian and they are back with a new single.


Unique performances at Electronic Summer
Aug 2022 04

The Electronic Summer festival is back, pushing bands like Covenant, Mesh, Aesthetic Perfection and S.P.O.C.K to deliver one-of-a-kind performances. [more...]

Three Recoil albums up for vinyl reissue – Alan Wilder comments
Aug 2022 12

Mute just announced that they’re reissuing the last three Recoil albums.


Aug 2022 16

Following the tragic death of Andrew Fletcher, the two remaining Depeche Mode members have posted a hopeful statement. [more...]

Aug 2022 21

Jean-Michel Jarre’s latest project is as ambitious as always. This is his 22nd album, and in addition to the music he will also release a VR world called “Oxyville”.


Aug 2022 24

Front 242′s Jean-Luc de Meyer, who was hospitalised earlier this year, is well and back on stage – a great relief. [more...]

Röyksopp is officially releasing an album trilogy this year
Aug 2022 31

Norwegian electronic superstars Röyksopp recently released “Profound Mysteries II”, and coincidentally announced that “Profound Mysteries III” is coming on November 18.