Busy screening tour for Recoil
Nov 2012 02

Recoil are on an extensive screening event tour for the new Bluray “A Strange Hour in Budapest”, as you have probably noticed. New dates and also additional screenings on the same date (for instance, there will be 3 screenings in Stockholm on the very same day) have been added. [more...]

New Hocico album lands on December 7
Nov 2012 04

The new Hocico single “Vile Whispers” was released yesterday and the new album “El Último Minuto (Antes de que Tu Mundo Caiga)” lands on December 7. [more...]

Helen Marnie (Ladytron) completes solo work
Nov 2012 05

Helen Marnie from Ladytron has launched her solo career. Her Pledgemusic campaign for her debut (title tba) is still running (at 133% now) and the album produced by Ladytron’s Daniel Hunt is expected in March. [more...]

Nitzer Ebb DVD and McCarthy solo album this month
Nov 2012 06

Major Records will finally deliver the Nitzer Ebb DVD “Live at Markthalle Hamburg” now in November. [more...]

8 nights, 8 Kraftwerk albums in Düsseldorf
Nov 2012 09

Don’t book that Winter trip to the sun yet; you might want to spend your vacation in Düsseldorf. Kraftwerk will play an 8-night residency at Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen Museum in their hometown on January 11-13 and 16-20. [more...]

Robotiko Rejekto powers up after long sleep
Nov 2012 09

Robotiko Rejekto powers up again with a comeback album called “Corporate Power”. [more...]

Nov 2012 11

Belgian label Alfa-Matrix has just released the latest in their series of mini compilations, called “4​.​4U [2012​.​11]“. One of the four artists on it is Daniel Bressanutti, from Front 242 who’s teasing his upcoming album with the track “SSumme3″. [more...]

Nov 2012 14

Trent Reznor told Rolling Stone (in an interview regarding his “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2″ soundtrack) that there is new Nine Inch Nails material in the making.

- Yeah, there will be new music. There are some things in the works, he revealed. [more...]

Nov 2012 15

The new The Knife album that was supposed to be released this year has been postponed to 2013.

Rammstein 2013 tour plans
Nov 2012 19

Rammstein have added new stops on their 2013 tour which currently includes city concerts in Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Lissabon, Belgrade and 7 other cities in April and July. In addition, Rammstein will co-headline 15 summer festivals in Europe. [more...]

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