Nine acts booked to Progress festival
Sep 2015 01

The first 9 live acts for the one-day Progress Productions festival in Gothenburg on November 21 have been announced. [more...]

Beborn Beton album released today – watch the brand new video
Sep 2015 04

The comeback album “A Worthy Compensation” by German synthpop band Beborn Beton is out today on Dependent Records. Watch the brand new video – released today – “Last Day on Earth”, below.

Sep 2015 07

The Malmö synthpop and EBM fest will take place at Inkonst on December 12 in December. [more...]

Susanne Sundfør and Pet Shop Boys – Way Out West – Gothenburg – August 13-14 2015 – report
Sep 2015 08

This year’s edition, year 9 since the start, of the Way Out West festival in Gothenburg was a bit special for me. The line-up did not excite me much except for two acts: Susanne Sundfør and Pet Shop Boys. Add a severe case of the shingles and my energy levels were at a minimum. So I decided to visit the festival for only two gigs. No loitering around discovering new artists for me this year, so this report will be short and to the point. Don’t miss the photo gallery at the bottom. [more...]

Sep 2015 08

Watch the new Emmon video for “Felix Baumgartner” below. [more...]

Electronic Summer – Brewhouse – Gothenburg – August 27-29 2015 – report
Sep 2015 09

This was my (Johan Carlsson’s) second visit to the excellent Electronic Summer festival in Gothenburg. It’s a very cosy festival located at the Brewhouse venue, with a superb small outside area, lots of dance floors as well as a big main stage. A perfect place to wander around talking to people and listening to great music. Here’s my report and below, a photo gallery by Jan-Erik Saarinen. [more...]

Sep 2015 09

Front Line Assembly returns to Europe i March, as headliner for the E-tropolis and E-Werk Ost festivals.


Sep 2015 11

The new EP from Swedish one-man future-pop project Unitary is released today. It contains the tracks “Unafraid” and “Subversion”, as well as remixes of “Unafraid” by Assemblage 23, Autodafeh, Dekad and Acretongue. [more...]

Sep 2015 11

In June, we wrote about the first wave of live acts to this year’s Bodyfest (Apoptygma Berzerk, Sturm Café and NZ). With Portion Control, Karin Park and The Operating Tracks the program is complete. [more...]

Soulsavers and Dave Gahan to deliver second collaborative effort – listen here
Sep 2015 14

Soulsavers and Dave Gahan are back with nine new songs. October 23 marks the release of the new Soulsavers album “Angels & Ghosts” on Columbia Records. [more...]

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