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Jun 2018 01

Don’t miss our new interviews. In the front page slider and under Features – Interviews in the menu, you’ll find Alphamay, Qntal, Klimt 1918, Bondage Fairies, Carpenter Brut, Youth Code, Psyche, Kirlian Camera, Empathy Test and Legend. Most of them have exclusive interview and live pictures.

Goldfrapp video featuring Dave Gahan
Jun 2018 01

The new version of Goldfrapp’s “Ocean” we told you about the other day now has a video featuring Dave Gahan. [more...]

Jun 2018 04

The line-up is now complete for this year’s Bodyfest on October 6 at Nalen in Stockholm. [more...]

Dressed in black – Release met Vancouver’s Actors in Hamburg
Jun 2018 06

The last ten years have seen a revival and revitalization of the postpunk scene with loads of new acts raised on Joy Division and Talking Heads. A whole new generation of bands have entered the scene, bands that together have produced countless great albums released in the 21st century. One of the latest additions that have caused something of a stir on the scene is Vancouver four-piece Actors, representing a modern take on the genre by mixing together bits and pieces of classical chorus pedal basslines, darkwave and heavy synthlines. Artoffact (Legend, Psyche, FLA) delivered their debut album “It Will Come to You” in March this year and Actors are heading for Terminus, Infest, Coldwaves and other synth and darkwave festivals. [more...]

Jun 2018 07

Watch the latest video “We Don’t Have to Dance” from dark pop act Actors after the jump. [more...]

Priest: EBM-oriented EP and the Ghost connections continue
Jun 2018 11

After a celebrated debut album that involved ”100 synths” and took many years from start to finish, Stockholm dark synthpop trio Priest is now writing a follow-up EP. [more...]

Time for some Subkult
Jun 2018 15

Today, the annual Subkult goth and synth festival kicks off in Trollhättan, Sweden.  [more...]

Juno Reactor restarted – watch the new video
Jun 2018 15

Audiovisual ethno trance project Juno Reactor is restarted and the new album “The Mutant Theatre” will be out on June 22. The second hyper-electronic single, “Let’s Turn on”, and its video is here now – watch it below. [more...]

The mysterious Monsieur Jarre
Jun 2018 18

Jean Michel Jarre hints that something will happen on June 22, but we don’t know what. He started making music 50 years ago.

Jun 2018 20

Time flies. It’s been 30 years since Depeche Mode’s legendary “101″ gig in Pasadena.

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