Mar 2018 05

Watch the video for IAMX ”Stardust” featuring Kat von D below. The clip gives an idea of the upcoming tour aesthetics. [more...]

S.P.O.C.K – a 30 year mission
Mar 2018 06

Today, synthpop star pilots S.P.O.C.K celebrate that 30 years have passed since their first live performance. [more...]

Mar 2018 07

French techno producer Terence Fixmer is well known for his collaboration with Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy in Fixmer/McCarthy but this time he’s going to make (sort of) EBM again under his Fixmer moniker.


Listen to the V. Clarke remix of the first Ladytron single in 7 years
Mar 2018 08

Like many other bands these days, Ladytron have chosen to go down the crowdfunding route this time. The new single is the starting point for this campaign.


Reviews of Project Pitchfork, Priest and IAMX
Mar 2018 09

Don’t miss our latest album reviews of Project Pitchfork, White Birches, EFF DST, Priest, IAMX, Kirlian Camera and Lionhearts, over at On Record.

Mar 2018 14

Front Line Assembly and Die Krupps will embark on a joint tour called “The Machinists United Tour 2018”. [more...]

Delayed Melotron album set for an early summer release
Mar 2018 16

“Für Alle”, the new album from German electropop band Melotron, was planned for 2017. Now, they have announced it is finally finished and will be released in May or June. [more...]

Mar 2018 18

Primavera Sound is another great festival held in Barcelona, usually earlier than the often mentioned Sonar Festival. Though it isn’t often mentioned in these pages, as the music sits a little more in the alternative and indie areas of the music spectrum, Primavera Sound could be of interest to some of you out there this year. [more...]

Mar 2018 19

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Mar 2018 20

Watch the new video for “Call My Name” from dark synthpop trio Priest below. [more...]

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