Oct 2015 02

Recently we have reviewed new albums from A-Ha, Me the Tiger, Vogon Poetry, Die Krupps, AFX, Beborn Beton and New Order. Head over to Music reviews. Watch out for Chvrches and Solar Fake.

Oct 2015 02

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Die Krupps – Debaser Medis – Stockholm – September 23 2015 – gallery
Oct 2015 04

Browse Jonas Carlson’s pictures and video clips from Die Krupps’ performance in Stockholm below. [more...]

Oct 2015 07

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Oct 2015 07

The first single with the new Spark! line-up is here: “Stå emot!” – and a new album is on its way (2016). [more...]

Gothenburg trio Silent Wave releases second single
Oct 2015 08

Gothenburg based trio Silent Wave (Tildeh Hjelm, Hans Olsson Brookes and new drummer Martin Öhman), will release their brand new single “Dancing Away from You” / “War” on November 5. [more...]

Kraftwerk danced with Detroit techno legends behind the boards
Oct 2015 09

Kraftwerk are just finishing off the North American leg of their 3D world tour; they have played a dozen dates in USA and Canada. On October 5, they played at the Masonic Temple Theatre in Detroit. [more...]

Covenant transforms: Daniel steps down, Daniel steps in
Oct 2015 09

Former band member Daniel Myer will return to Covenant for live duties, as Daniel Jonasson takes paternity leave. [more...]

Exclusive world premiere: first video by EBM duo The Operating Tracks
Oct 2015 16

This is a Release Magazine exclusive world premiere of the debut video “Testify” from rising old school EBM duo The Operating Tracks. [more...]

Assemblage 23 successfully enters the crowdfunding world
Oct 2015 16

Tom Shear in Assemblage 23 has decided to try out crowdfunding for his new album. It’s up on Indiegogo now. [more...]

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