Jun 2015 04

Cocksure got started when Chris Connelly (Ministry, Revolting Cocks) and Jason Novak (Acumen Nation, DJ Acucrack, Czar) got together and started making songs. After their successful debut album they’re now finishing up their second album.


Debut video from Lindemann – the new band from Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren
Jun 2015 05

A match made in hell? Well perhaps not, but Peter Tägtgren from Hypocrisy and Pain together with Till Lindemann from Rammstein is a weird combo, and we can now finally see the result of their labour. [more...]

Jun 2015 05

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Watch the new video from Red Mecca
Jun 2015 05

Laidback electronic pop duo Red Mecca has published a new song and video: “Skin”. It’s a taste from their new album, to be released later 2015.  Watch it below. [more...]

Jun 2015 08

The list of new Release Magazine reviews includes Neuroticfish, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Man Without Country, Pop Will Eat Itself, Operation Blue Eyes and Empusae.

Jun 2015 08

Bodyfest at Nalen in Stockholm (October 24) has released the first live acts. [more...]

Listen to preview of new The Orb album “Moonbuilding 2703 AD”
Jun 2015 11

Soundcloud features an edit of “Moonbuilding 2703 AD”, the new album by The Orb. [more...]

Believe it or not: Laibach announce 2 shows in North Korea
Jun 2015 12

The arch-conceptualists Laibach have announced live shows in North Korea. [more...]

Jun 2015 13

The third album by critically acclaimed industrial project Dead When I Found Her is finished. It will be released by Toronto label Artoffact in the fall.

Jun 2015 17

The upoming Haujobb tour of North America is taking shape. See the dates below [more...]

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