Premiere for new The Prodigy single “Nasty” – watch the video
Jan 2015 13

Watch the brand new video clip for the new The Prodigy single “Nasty” below. The basic and rather old school-sounding song is taken from the 6th studio album “The Day Is My Enemy”, scheduled for a March 30 release via their own label Take Me to the Hospital.

- I can’t tell you why this record came out so angry, I think it’s just inbuilt in me. It’s more about what I like music to do. I’ve always seen music I like as a form of attack. That’s what I use music for, it’s an attack. I didn’t plan this album to sound violent, it’s just the sound that came out of the studio, a kind of build up over the last 4 years. “Anger is an energy”, that’s a lyric which always resonated with me, Liam Howlett says.