Mar 2012 28

The electronic pioneers in Portion Control are set to release a new album on April 16 called “Pure Form”.


Mar 2013 06
If you want EBM in concentrated form, then the yearly Familientreffen is the place to go. This year’s festival line-up offers an interesting mix, with S.P.O.C.K and Absolute Body Control as headliners. [more...]
Box with Cosmic Overdose, Twice a Man and Lars Falk
Mar 2013 12

In the 80:s Swedish pioneers in Twice a Man released material on their own label Xenophone. Now ambitious label Vinyl-on-Demand will re-release 3 of the tape releases on the label as a “Xenophone International 1979-1985″ 3LP-box, limited to 500 copies. [more...]

Label portrait: Minimal Wave from New York
Apr 2013 15

Around 2005 I was really bored with electronic music. Nothing was new and exciting anymore and I just felt a need to explore and to find something new, something that reminded me of why I once became an electronic music fan. I discovered the New York based label Minimal Wave, which started to release old obscure tapes and giving them new life on thick vinyl. [more...]

Mar 2014 20

On March 28, industrial legends Portion Control will release “Unrest in the Grime”, a collection of unreleased demos and outtakes.


Jun 2014 05

The new album from Swedish artist Mitch Murder is called “Interceptor” and will be released by Mad Decent on July 29. Mitch Murder is one of the biggest acts in the rather new scene called “outrun electro”.  [more...]

Second album from restarted Bal Paré is here – listen to snippets
Jun 2014 16

Bal Paré was a classic minimal wave band from the 80:s that released 2 classic albums: “Hamburg Paris Catania” and “Metamorphose”. They were covered in Release as far back as in the late 80:s. [more...]

Jun 2014 21

Electronic musician and singer Andreas Rimheden has a background in bands like Morticians and Nervkållaps. These days he does synthpop with Swedish lyrics in his own projekt Blippblopporkestern. [more...]

Argentinian band Vólkova releases new minimal synth on Peruan label
Jun 2014 23

We don’t get a lot of electronic music from Argentina, but the minimal synth band Vólkova is an exception and has in just about a year showed that they are very productive. [more...]

5 year anniversary for Dark Entries coming up
Jun 2014 23

San Francisco-based record label Dark Entries started in 2009 and in the 5 years that have passed, they have released an impressive amount of music, both re-releases and new acts, all with electronic music. To name but a few, Second Decay, Zwischenfall, The Neon Judgement, Borghesia, Starter, Parade Ground, Buzz, Vocoder, ADN’ Ckrystall, Linea Aspera, Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons, Leæther Strip, Patrick Cowley, Psyche, Crash Course in Science, Lassigue Bendthaus and Peter Richard. [more...]

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