Watch Black Nail Cabaret’s new video
Feb 2021 04

We hosted the premiere of the new Black Nail Cabaret video for a reworked version of “Maelstrom” – watch it below. It’s taken from the dark and dramatic electronic pop duo’s critically acclaimed 2020 album “Gods Verging on Sanity”, which was rated 8 in Release.

This new version has new drums and synths. The single, out on Friday, will also include two remixes and the track “You Lessen: I Die”. The band on the video:

- The original idea was born in 2019 and it’s an ironic coincidence that we managed to shoot this in the middle of the pandemic. We once more tried to create an allegory that reflects on human relationships: the meeting of extremes, feminine and masculine, peace and activity. We shot at the Bauxite geological park in Gánt as well as in the ghost town of Szentkirályszabadja, the “Hungarian Chernobyl”, which is not really visible in the video but it was a good excuse for us to visit and spend some time there after the shoot…

Photo by: Katalin Vago-Levai

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