Electronic Winter is coming (updated)
Sep 2012 24

Electronic Summer in Gothenburg on August 31-September 1 was a great success. After all the cheers and hurrays, the organisers Depeche Mode Party have already made plans for an Electronic Winter festival (and loosely another Electronic Summer festival 2013).

- It will be a 1-day festival in early 2013. There will probably be 5-6 live acts, DJ:s and nice happenings, Sebastian Hess tells Release.

When their Facebook page reached 1500 likes, the organisers released the date – January 12 – and one of the smaller bands – Emmon. More info will follow shortly.

Read our Electronic Summer report here, with some nice pics from our own Fredrik “Schlatta” Svensson. Psyche, Mesh, De/Vision, Page, Melotron and Parralox were some of the live acts.