Covenant schedules “Ignorance & Bliss” single for March
Nov 2013 18

As expected, Covenant will release the popular “Leaving Babylon” song “Ignorance & Bliss” as a single. It will be a limited edition affair with some high profile remixes in March. “Ignorance & Bliss” is actually an 8 year old song that did not make it to the “Skyshaper” album in the form it had then.

Covenant’s Joakim Montelius commented on the song in our interview one month ago:

- I can’t think of any song that we argued over more. Such an enormous melody and this battleship beat, but I always felt it went over the top and lacked the right substance. So I vetoed it for “Skyshaper”, actually. And then Eskil brought it up again for this album. We tried to find a workaround, but whatever we did it felt like it suddenly didn’t hold up and fell flat. Until suddenly Eskil realized that there was an original version of the demo with that guitar sound in it. As soon as I heard it I knew that this was what was missing and ironically it had been there all this time! Bizarre how we could make such an oversight…

Read the full “Leaving Babylon” track-by-track interview here if you haven’t already.