Celebrate Christmas with Ronan
Aug 2019 16

VNV Nation will play a number of smaller sized Christmas-themed concerts in Germany in November and December.

Mr. VNV Nation Ronan Harris explains:

- The Christmas Parties is an idea that started in Hamburg some years ago. We wanted to do some fun, seasonal themed small shows in the weeks before Christmas, to have a chance to party together with our fans. There’ll be a full concert from VNV featuring well-known tracks, rarities, and more. At some of the concerts, there’ll be after parties. We also love it when people add to the party feeling at the shows by dressing up for a Christmas celebration.

The Oberhausen and Hamburg concerts sold out in 10 minutes, so additional performances were added. Then they sold out as well.

Cologne’s Amphi festival has also announced VNV Nation as headliners for 2020.

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Photo for Release by: Mandy Privenau