Apop related synthpop duo Piston Damp ready for launch
Oct 2020 18

Hot on the heels of the new Apoptygma Berzerk EP “Nein Danke!” comes a brand new synthpop project with strong links to the Norwegain giant.

Stephan Groth’s brother Jonas Groth (who has been singing backing vocals and performed live with Apop for many years) has finally launched a project of his own. Together with keyboardist Truls S√łnsterud he has formed synthpop outfit Piston Damp.

Their debut single “Something in Me” was released last Friday, October 16th. We’re talking about melodic, high quality synthpop with strong vocals and crisp production. An album will follow as the band already has material ready. The single holds nine tracks and includes several mixes of the title track as well as a bonus track and a Danish (!) version of the title track, “Noget i mig”. Released digitally, but CD and/or vinyl versions are discussed.