Subkult with VNV Nation, Sierra and Goa this week
Jun 2024 26

It’s time again for the annual Subkult outdoor festival in Vänersborg, Sweden.

This 3-day celebration of various sub cultures and alternative lifestyles will include live performances of Sierra, VNV Nation, Goa, S.P.O.C.K, Potochkine, Priest, Charta 77, Sturm Café, Aux Animaux, Me the Tiger, Familjen, Red Cell and many more, but Subkult is so much more than just the concerts: there’s a Victorian picnic, fireshows, workshops, market stands, DJ:s and more.

Subkult 2024 takes place in Vänersborg, a one hour drive from Gothenburg, on June 27-29. You can also go there by train and bus. Festival tickets, including 1-day tickets, are available.