May 2013 27

Italian electro-techno-goth band XP8 have a new album out soon. It’s called “Adrenochrome” and is described by the bands as “their most mature and best material to date”. They’ve moved away from record labels this time and are now totally independent, so they’re running a crowdfunding campaign to help out with the album.

The band consists of Marco Visconti and Marko Resurreccion. The album itself is a concept album, made as a soundtrack to a novel about a futuristic London that comes with the package. It was written by Marko in the 90:s, and has been re-edited to bring it up to date.

The album is already finished, so the crowdfunding is mostly for the marketing of the album and singles etc. For example one of the stretch goals is a music video done by Solobuio Visual Factory. Check it out on