Wax Trax documentary moves to Kickstarter
Jun 2015 29

As we’ve told you in our interview with Julia Nash last year, the legendary Chicago based industrial label Wax Trax! has been working on a video documentary for quite some time. To finish it, they’re turning to you, and more specifically Kickstarter (watch the video).

At the time of writing, there’s still 27 days to go to pitch in towards the documentary which is called “Monumentary”. The different pledges on Kickstarters are completely littered with cool collectibles. Among the highlights are the test pressings from the unreleased “Toxic” EP by Front Line Assembly, vintage posters, stickers, T-shirts, signed 12″ by Revolting Cocks, a special Front 242 “Take One” deluxe box set produced only for the 2014 US tour, dinner with Front 242′s Patrick Codenys etc.

There’s also a special Kickstarter-only soundtrack from the documentary, on vinyl. The track listing is still unknown.

The Kickstarter is headed by Julia Nash and her brother Aaron. They’re the daughter and son of Jim Nash who started Wax Trax! together with his partner Dannie Flesher. It’s been very interesting to see Julia bring Wax Trax! back from the ashes in recent years, and the documentary looks very interesting with many new interviews by a lot of bands that were on the label. The Kickstarter seems very well put together, and as one poster on Facebook said “Wow, Julia Nash, you’re a pro. You could do that for a living! No shit.” She’s still only working on the label part time, and it would be interesting to see her step up even more.