VNV Nation – Partille Arena – Sweden – November 26 2016 – report
Dec 2016 09

Depeche Mode Party Gothenburg brought VNV Nation to the brand Partille Arena, close to Gothenburg, so that they could perform their extensive “Compendium” show in all its glory, with excellent sound and lighting. Here’s a a few short words about the evening together a photo gallery.

This was one of the very first concerts held at this new sports and event arena, so there were some teething problems. Many people arrived very close to the concert start, which caused long lines at the wardrobe area. We noticed the organisers jump in to give a helping hand later in the evening. Alcohol licensing rules reduced the number – and restricted the placement – of sales points, which also caused excessive waiting times for thirsty concert goers. I went there with the first shuttle bus (there were free shuttles to and from Gothenburg), and experienced zero lines when I dropped off my jacket and ordered a drink – lucky me.

The sound system was excellent, and the crowd was very eager to dance. I could feel the floor really shake during “Control”. The band thanked the staff of the venue for making them feel so welcome in the new arena.

During the encores Ronan Harris introduced a surprise guest, Apoptygma Berzerk’s Stephan Groth, and together they performed “Kathy’s Song”. I only have a cell phone photo of this, as there was a strict three song photo policy in place for media.

Surprisingly enough “Perpetual” was never performed this evening. It was on the set list, but skipped, most likely due to the show running late (due to the late start). Also, Ronan’s DJ set was scrapped.

Favourite Ronan moment #1: After a loud response from the crowd he said “I can’t believe you do that. It’s like I had asked you if you wanted ice cream… Would you like some ice cream?” “YEEEEEAH!!!”

Favourite Ronan moment #2: He added lines from Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” to one of the songs. And the crowd completed the rhyme.

After the show the band had a Meet & Greet session. I counted 70 people in line for autographs and pictures, and never saw it get shorter than that before leaving. Over 1 000 guests attended the concert. A popular band indeed.