May 2016 07

In an interesting, relaxed Voltage Control Lab video interview Nitzer Ebb’s Bon Harris talks about getting his first synth, the early days of Nitzer Ebb – the pre-NEP days even – and lots of other stuff. Check it out.

If you ask me now, 2016, Nitzer Ebb’s early releases have stood the test of time and their impact on the scene can’t be underestimated. Being a teenager at the time of their breakthrough (I became a fan right away), I couldn’t fully grasp the whole picture back then. Years later (especially if you compare them to other bands), I came to respect their influences from outside the world of EBM – funk and jazz for instance. Like most great artists, while staying true to their genre (most of the time), Nitzer Ebb have always been more than just an EBM band.