Universal Poplab member launches new electropop project
Oct 2013 08

Silent Wave (formerly Waveshaper) is a new Gothenburg electropop group to keep your eyes on. Silent Wave is Hans Olsson Brookes (Universal Poplab) and Tildeh Hjelm.

Hans is also co-owner of the studio Svenska Grammofonstudion. One of his latest projects was mastering Henric de la Cour’s new album “Mandrills”.

Silent Wave is influenced by Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine and Radiohead.

- We’re a time machine that moves both backwards and forwards, where you can detect the vibes from the 80:s while travelling to a futuristic world, they say.

Silent Wave and Universal Poplab will perform alongside Melotron, Thermostatic and Electro Spectre at the Electronic Autumn festival in Gothenburg on October 18.

Check out the Silent Wave web site for music and info.