Top 10 albums of the 2010:s by Raymond Watts (Pig)
Feb 2020 14

Release Magazine asked Raymond Watts (<PIG>, ex KMFDM) for his top albums of the decade (2010-2019).

We got this list:

<PIG>: “The Gospel”
<PIG>: “Risen”
<PIG>: “Stripped & Whipped”
<PIG>: “Candy”
<PIG>: “Swine & Punishment”
<PIG>: “Rise & Repent”
<PIG>: “Black Mass”
<PIG>: “Prey & Obey”
<PIG> & MC Lord of the Flies: “The Compound Eye Sessions”
<PIG> & Primitive Race: “Long in the Tooth”

…and then he gave us ”a boring alternative”:

David Bowie: “Blackstar”
Nils Frahm: “Spaces”
Alabama Shakes: “Boys & Girls”
Fat White Family: “Serfs up”
These New Puritans: “Field of Reeds”
Daft Punk: “Random Access Memories”
Todd Terje: “It’s Album Time”
Leonard Cohen: “You Want it Darker”
Lana Del Rey: “Born to Die”
PJ Harvey: “Let England Shake”

Random order. This is a Release Magazine exclusive. Please don’t repost (copy and paste) the list itself but feel free to share the link.

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