The Mission UK records 12th album with Dave M Allen
Apr 2013 03

Brooklyn based label The End Records has just announced the signing of the legendary dark rock band The Mission UK. A new album and tour are expected.

- Well, who would’ve thought it 12 years ago when we were touring Europe with my mate, Ville Valo and HIM, that we’d end up on The End Records with them in the good ol’ USA somewhere further down the track. Very nice to share a label with the legends that are Anvil too and looking forward to blagging some new Dandy Warhols CD:s… If we ask for drugs just laugh and say you can’t get any. It’s healthier for us and for you. See you soon, Wayne Hussey says.

Dave M Allen (Depeche Mode, The Cure) is producing the upcoming 12th album:

- I’ve had many dealings with the band over the last 30 years that I have known them, and this chance to record with the original members is very special, he says.

The Mission UK will play 10 US gigs in September.

A documentary is in production, which will cover the work on their new album, and it will be released 2014.

The Mission UK celebrated 25 years as a band in 2011 and have sold over 4 million albums wordwide.