Dec 2023 07

Skinny Puppy says their Los Angeles concerts in December were their last. Four decades after the start, this could really be the end for the industrial music pioneers.

There have been no real hints about a European farewell tour, or a single gig somewhere in Europe, like the one at the Doomsday festival 2000, so for now we must assume the band is over. Both Nivek Ogre and Cevin Key, explains why (separately) in a LA Weekly interview:

- I clearly remember saying in interviews back in the ’80s that there’s no way we’re gonna be doing this when we’re 60. So now we’re 60-plus, and it’s bizarre that we’re still going. I think we find ourselves in a situation where we have to put our foot down and say OK, we’re gonna really concentrate and put something together that is going to be special, especially when considering how devoted our fans have been over the time. It’s true that the band’s inner relations haven’t been all that great over the years. What’s really great is that this last tour has been the most enjoyable tour I think I’ve ever had with the band. So in a lot of ways, maybe saying ‘this is it’ made it a lot easier to approach it and to take it on, Key says.


- People thinking that we’re gonna come back for a money grab in 10 years – it’s not gonna happen. In 10 years, I’ll be 70, so it’s definitely not gonna happen. But in five years or three years or whatever, it’s not gonna happen.

Both members have extensive future plans, both as solo artists and in different projects.