Synthpop pioneers Rational Youth to release 6-track 10″ – listen
Mar 2016 03

Artoffact Records will release a new 6-track 10″ vinyl EP called “Future Past Tense” with Canadian synthpop pioneers Rational Youth on May 20. 

Listen to the first track (in all its typical Rational Youth glory) – and song snippets of the other tracks below.

Rational Youth 2016 is founding member and vocalist Tracey Howe and his wife Gaenor; they both share vocal duties on the new EP. Kevin Komoda, who made a brief comeback not that long ago, is no longer on board it seems. The EP closes with a cover of fellow Canadian synthpop band Psyche.

Track list:

1. “This Side of the Border”
2. “Western Man”
3. “In the Future”
4. “Here It Comes Again”
5. “Prison of Flesh”
6. “Unveiling the Secret (The Word Made Flesh)”