Synthpop label Conzoom marches on – “Electropop 18″ is here
Feb 2021 08

German synthpop label Conzoom shows no signs of slowing down. Yet another entry in their popular “Electropop” series will be released on February 19th, namely number 18.

Since 2008, label heads Ingo and Annet Möller have released songs from over 200 bands in this series, which has helped the start of the career of many band’s in the synthpop field.

“Electropop 18″ will be out on standard CD as well as a deluxe edition with no less than four additional discs with even more artists and remixes. Cosmicity, Mind Machine, Moderns, Subject:2 and We The North are just some of the bands on “Electropop 18″.