Jan 2018 09

The annual Manifest Awards is almost upon us, celebrating the best Swedish independent artists of 2017. 

In the “synth” category which is probably the most interesting for Release readers, we find the following nominees:

  1. Anna Öberg: “Härsknar” (Rundgång Rekords, Troglodyt Produktion)
  2. Wulfband: “Revolter” (Progress Productions)
  3. Xenturion Prime: “Humanity Plus” (Progress Productions)
  4. Priest: “New Flesh” (Lövely Records)


The gala will be held February 2 at Nalen, Stockholm and will feature performances by Hanna Järver, Rome Is Not a Town and DaCosta. This year’s hosts are comedians Moa Lundqvist and Marcus Berggren.