Release Magazine premiere of “Sins of Mine (Apoptygma Berzerk – Extended Version)” with Mortiis
May 2017 05

We have been offered the premiere of “Sins of Mine (Apoptygma Berzerk – Extended Version)” with Mortiis. Listen below. Those of you waiting for a new Apop release are in for a treat and Stephan Groth has even added his own vocals to the dark and powerful song.

Don’t let the picture of Stephan Groth and Mortiis decieve you – the Norwegian synth- and futurepop star has reshaped the song into something really grand and beautiful.

- Stephan really twisted ”Sins of Mine” into a way more accessible format, which I really liked. When I made that track, it was this semi-dissonant, somber piece about hopelessness and just giving up and letting past guilts and crimes wash over me and undo me, just make me disappear. So it was really dark. Stephan twisted it around to become this way more accessible, yet very uncommercial song, still about the darkness that follows guilt. Those wonderful feelings were kept intact, Mortiis says.

The new album ”The Great Deceiver” was released on April 21 and a compilation of reworked and unreleased tracks, “The Great Corrupter”, is expected soon. Among the remixers we find several Release favorites: Rhys Fulber, Die Krupps, John Fryer, Godflesh, In Slaughter Natives, Raison D’Etre and Pig.

Photo by: Sebastian Ludvigsen