Rein brings out the “Bodyhammer”, reveals album date and title
Jun 2020 05

Today sees the release of “Bodyhammer”, the new single from Swedish EBM / techno artist Rein. It’s available wherever you usually get your music.

Where the previous two singles dealt with breaking free from the prison of our minds and the meaning of life respectively, “Bodyhammer” deals with awakening and the road to reincarnation. Which neatly takes us to the upcoming debut album which is called “Reincarnated” and is out on August 21 on Rein Recordings.

The lyrics on “Bodyhammer” are written by Rein and a member of Priest, while the music is made by Rein and Carli Löf. The track is an homage to the Japanese technothriller Tetsuo II: Body Hammer. The upcoming album also has a sci fi overtone.