Dec 2018 07

Pete Shelley has passed away. He had an exceptionally influential career both in the band Buzzcocks and as a solo artist. Watch his “Homosapien” video below and read comments from Release artists.

- Oh no! Pete Shelley is gone too now! He was one of the most important persons in punk, and I will never forget the amazing songs he wrote, Jürgen Engler from Die Krupps says.

Claus Larsen from Leæther Strip writes:

- The shocking news of Pete Shelley’s death just came to my knowledge. His work with Buzzcocks and solo work inspired me a great deal. I covered Pete Shelley two months ago and released it on the “World Molæster” USB card. I have just released my cover of “Telephone Operator” as a free download on my BC. Rest in peace Pete.

And finally Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Delerium, Fear Factory):

- One of the most innovative artists and gifted songwriters in modern times has left us. He was also the singer of my favorite band and made records that changed my life. RIP Pete.