Jul 2020 29

Sweden’s premier record label for electronic music Progress Productions was founded in April 2004. To celebrate their 100th release, the label has out together a massive compilation.

With 45 tracks spread over three discs, it contains a truckload of unreleased songs, new versions and remixes. Some bands have recorded brand new songs, others have updated old songs. Almost all artists that have ever released anything on Progress Productions is on it, so there’s a lot of interesting stuff to seek out.

Some examples are the great new song “Darktide” by Xenturion Prime, the “B-Side 11 Remix” of Necro Facility’s “You Want It”, the Coldplay cover “Fix You” by Johan Baeckström, “Afraid (2020 Mix)” by Daily Planet and many many (many!) more.

For more info – including the entire track listing -  and pre-order, go here.