Pack your bags for the ninth Kalabalik på Tyrolen
Aug 2019 20

Kalabalik på Tyrolen is back this weekend (August 22-24) in the magical 1960′s amusement park near Alvesta, Sweden. As usual, it’s like a family gathering for DIY synth, wave and post-punk.

This rather eccentric festival manages to attract a small but substantial crowd each year and last year was unusually successful. This year’s event features: Kontravoid, Æmit, Zanias (DJ), Clarissa (DJ), Countess Malaise, Discipline, Distel, Dulvitund, Madonna + Child, Potochkine, Sólveig Matthildur, Minuit Machine, Volition Immanent, Super Besse, Bragolin, Stockhaussen, Need for Speed, Jemek Jemowit, Leere, Isotropia, Kantor, Majestolux, Rivet (DJ), Romanssi, V, Young & Cold (DJ) and Molchat Doma.

Here’s a festival playlist, an excellent way of discovering new artists: