Out of Line distances itself from new Funker Vogt vocalist
Dec 2014 18

German EBM band Funker Vogt’s label Out of Line writes they have no interest in a collaboration with the new Funker Vogt vocalist, Sacha Korn aka Sick Man. And the 3 Funker Vogt members have just published one statement each, following an intial statement including the words “no politics just music”.

Funker Vogt kept the identity of their new vocalist secret. An alias – Sick Man – was used and his face was covered. A few days ago, his identity was revealed and hell broke loose.

Sasha Korn (not a Funker Vogt press image).

Out of Line Music’s statement:

“As the management of Funker Vogt has been keeping the identity of the group’s new front man “Sick Man” a secret from everyone, including us, as part of the new band concept, we had to learn from the internet that he is in fact the quite controversial German singer Sacha Korn. We are now waiting for a statement from the management. We are not interested in a collaboration with Mr. Korn.”

Funker Vogt’s statements (unedited):

That the choice asking Sacha Korn being the new singerof Funker Vogt would generate some waves was clear at the moment we decided it. That it would come in like a bomb shell is surprising us, since we have thought the scene we are in since nearly 20 years wouldn’t be so superficial.
So let’s talk about some basics concerning the band.
Those who know FUNKER VOGT understand quite well that decisions are not just made out oft the blue. Everything with respect to that issue has started upon a private, likeable level. Meaning between, Rene, me and the thought asking Sacha joining the band.
I know Sacha through some work we have done in 2011. What I did not know was a reputation address to him by left wing internet freaks. Anyway we considered this disposed reputation against him rather as narrow-minded than objective.
We are not out to confront or provocate. And so we have decided not to announce his entrance to FUNKER VOGT, as it was clear that some people would abuse exactly this situation to push Sacha in a corner in order to damage Funker Vogt. Especially broken hearts and aggrieved souls are open for such attacks.
We are really sorry, that our management and the label were unconsciously pulled into that situation! But for above mentioned reasons we did not even want to involve you into this, plus we would not have thought this was going so huge.
Cause in the end in doesn’t matter who sings in FUNKER VOGT, Pat the postman or Sacha Korn, than even Sick Man. There is no ideology or similar in our lyrics. There is no glorification or agitation in contrary to the campaign that was started against us from some people.
And here are some words from Sacha that people are talking about obviously without even taking a minute to check his reputation.

I am honestly shocked! What the hell is going on here in Facebook!? Since yesterday I am receiving emails from friends and other people who just don’t get the point what the problem with Funker Vogt is?
Those people who demand tolerance for themselves are not giving any back to others? The entire dark scene is claiming tolerance towards themselves. Why is it not possible to pay it back? Especially when all so called „facts“ are basing on stupid pronouncements.

Hi, thanks for the many supportive phone calls, email & texts that I have received from all corners of the world congratulating me on joining up with Funker Vogt. Wow this happened faster than I could have imagined. Just to make things clear: yes I am proud of my country and I love my home “come on man we just won the world cup” the same pride I felt years before when the wall came down. As my many friends that I have met through music and travel, who are proud of their land and culture know I am proud of mine. Don’t judge me get to know me, please don’t hesitate to contact me to clear up any untruths you may have heard. I look forward to hearing from.”

Check out Funker Vogt’s Facebook page if you want to learn more.