New release from Kraftwerk in May: “3-D The Catalogue”
Apr 2017 21

Today Kraftwerk announced their new release “3-D The Catalogue” (May 26), a collection of recent performances in various editions.

It’s a “Gesamtkunstwerk” (a total work of art) documenting the numerous 3-D performances around the world in recent years in six different iterations including a CD set. The deluxe editions offers four Bluray discs and a 236-page art-book or nine vinyl discs. We are talking about recordings made 2012-16 of ”Autobahn” (1974), ”Radio-Activity” (1975), ”Trans Europe Express” (1977), ”The Man-Machine” (1978), ”Computer World” (1981), ”Techno Pop” (”Electric Café”) (1986), ”The Mix” (1991) and ”Tour De France” (2003).