New album with US synthpop duo Iris in 3 weeks – first impressions
Oct 2014 03

US duo Iris has always been respected in synthpop circles and anticipation is high when they they are about to release their new album. “Radiant” has been delayed but is now 3 weeks away (October 24, Europe, October 28 USA).

I have listened to “Radiant” for a while and it’s not likely fans will be disppointed. In fact, Iris might even find some new ones with this one. The album has a very electronic and laidback, yet powerful sound with strong, mature songs. Review in progress.

It is released in regular and “complete” editions; the latter is a limited edition of 500 copies with gatefold vinyl and 2 digipak CD:s, including the “Phenom” EP. “Phemom” is one of my favourites on the album.

Iris – Reagan Jones and Andrew Sega – toured with Seabound earlier this year.