New album from Xenturion Prime announced
May 2022 19

Swedish / Norwegian powersynth band Xenturion Prime is back at it again. After taking home the award for best “Synth” at Manifest Awards in Sweden with their latest offering – the ambient one-off – “Signals from the Abyss”, it’s time to dance again. 

The new album “Prisma” sees Hasse Mattsson and Björn Marius Borg taking their powersynth / synthwave formula into the future. It’ll come out on Progress Productions on June 10 and as often is the case on that label, the first 200 copies are part of a limited edition with a signed bonus CD (featuring exclusive tracks and remixes) as well as a beer mat (!).

The cover artwork is made by Hasse’s brother Jonas Mattson – a renowned computer game graphics artist and world designer who has worked on huge games like Witcher 3 and Battlefield. Pre-orders are open as we speak.